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Basic knowledge of switches

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As a family, switch can be divided into sub-family, type, Variety and Variant.

The current widely used switch types are:

Rotary switch class

Rotary disc switch, CAM switch, brush switch, indicator wheel coding switch, combination switch.

Button type switch (instantaneous break button switch), single button switch.

Combination button switch class

Multi-unit push button switch (also known as direct key switch), combination of multi-unit push button switch.

Class of microswitches

Basic micro - switch, additional driver micro - switch.

Button switch category

Button handle button switch, wave button switch (also known as wave switch).

Two - row inline switch class

Wave type double row straight insert switch, slide type double row straight insert switch, button handle type double row suitable insert switch.

Sliding switch class

Toggle sliding switch, push-pull sliding switch, lever sliding switch, rotary sliding switch.

Keyboard switch class

Touch-type keyboard switch, touch-mode keyboard switch, membrane keyboard switch.

Membrane switch class

Pressure switch type standard pressure switch, absolute pressure switch, pressure differential pressure switch

Temperature switch class

Constant temperature switch, adjustable constant temperature switch, environment temperature constant temperature switch, non-adjustable constant temperature switch.

Time switch class

Thermal time delay switch, temperature compensation thermal time delay switch.

Variable thermal time delay switch.

Proximity switch class

Ultrasonic switch class

Photoelectric switch class

(2) classification by use

In practical use, switches are classified as follows according to their different USES:

(1) the power supply is called the power switch;

(2) power supply conversion is called switching switch;

(3) for the system control called control switch;

(4) power supply circuit selection is called circuit selection switch;

(5) for power selection called power selection switch;

6 for maintenance called maintenance switch;

7 for channel pre-selection called channel pre-selection switch;

Temperature control is used as temperature switch;

9 (9) control time is called time switch;

When you control the pressure, it is called a pressure switch.

Of course, there are other use switches, can determine the name of the switch according to its use.

(3) according to the structure of the driver

The structural forms of the switch driver are push button type, knob type, lever type, sensitive type, tension spring type, rotary type, axial type, indicator wheel type, sliding type and bo young-type.

(4) driving mode of switch

The basic working mechanism of the switch includes the drive mechanism and the switching mechanism of the contact members. The closing and disconnecting of the contact members can be realized through the movement of the drive mechanism.

The driving forms of the drive mechanism are: manual drive: mechanical drive, temperature change drive (temperature control switch), pressure change drive (pressure sensitive switch) : photoelectric conversion drive (photosensitive switch), ultrasonic change drive (sound control switch), other drives.

(5) switching form of contact parts of the switch

The switching forms of the contact parts of the switch are as follows: first on and then off, first off and then on, instantaneous break, reliable break: transient on, often off.

(6) load type of switch

Load types of switches are: resistance: inductive, bulb, motor, low level (dry circuit).

(7) terminal type of switch

The wiring terminal types of switches are: welding type, screw type, lead type, plug type, integral wiring type and printing plate type.